Monday, 31 December 2012

Happy New Year

It is strange how time goes by. After 3 years from that fateful election of PASOK and prime minister George Papandreou, who literally had no clue, or if he had it was not the interest of the people of Greece. Two years of deep recession and unemployment, one year from the Papadimas junta government and 6 months with the incompetent Samaras coalition. And we are sinking steadily into the abyss.
This is the first time in my life that the passing of the year finds me with no hope for a better new year. It is the first time that I think that there are no solutions. We are in deep and instead of the help we needed, we are kicked and stepped on for a quick profit by the other countries. Our politicians are just pawns. ?They just execute orders and I wonder if this is the future democracy of Europe and the world. 

The two big wars of the 20th century are there to teach us nothing. Only new ways to destroy nations, kill people in more humane ways and better propaganda in order to hide these atrocities and make people believe it is for their own good.  The only thing that makes us human and not animals is the altruism, the unconditional love for the other, no matter how strange or different.
I wish everybody a happy new year. If love can't preveil, then at least we would have tried.  

Monday, 10 December 2012

Peace Nobel price for the European Union! That is fantastic. And what's next, an Oscar for special FX? All these fireworks are looking much like the peace treaties signed just before the war. The body of Europe is torn apart and a Nobel price is a bandage. It is not a joke, it is very serious, because it is clear now that economical powers have infiltrated everywhere.
It is a poor stand, though, so probably no Oscar for them.

Sunday, 9 December 2012

How about that! The Greek government passed all the laws that actually bring Greeks to medieval times, and yet EU, ECB and IMF now have second thoughts about giving the next loan (it is not free money, mind you, the interest rate is a killer) thus creating a new world wide wave of disbelief  for Greece, that not only ruins every chance Greece has to recover by attracting new investments, but also make all values in Greece drop, in a free fall.
It greatly reminds me of old westerns or gangster movies, where the mob chief went to buy the business from the rightful owners, and instead of reaching an agreement, he just appraised the business and had the thugs convince the victim. A dollar is good enough! And you get to live, too!
This trail of money have to end somewhere. The politicians of Europe have to built in different foundations, than debt. And I am not just saying because I am Greek and in debt, I am saying because this is a downward spiral, actually a war with many victims, that will not end in Greece, just stolling for the rest of the world, in Greece. If we tolerate this...