Saturday, 25 July 2015

Money as a weapon of massive destruction

The crisis is first and foremost a crisis of human values. Of human as the only value. It is not just about Greece, it is about every country in the world that accepts to have part of their citizens live on the street, or with the bare minimum, in desperation.  To turn them into beggars or to slaves, with no money, no time, no life. These people could and most of them would work and offer to their society and the world, if they were allowed. They would make the world better.  
You have to understand that the system we live in, was supposed to work for the benefit of people. Since it doesn't do that, the system is wrong and should change. Why would anybody accept a system that is based on greed?
Money used to be a tool, now it has become a weapon. And unfortunately most people are addicted to it and do not care to see the difference. It is exactly like drugs or the monopoly imposed to countries for certain products, like tea, coffee and cigarettes. For the first period they are free, then there is a small price and when people get used to them and put them into their daily life as habits the price goes up.

Since every politician (even in EU, especially in EU) is looking first and foremost for the interest of his own country and perhaps some companies,  it is time for EU to be disbanded. Since ECB dictates rules to countries, while its sole role was different, it is time to close and let the countries return to their currencies.
Don't be fooled, since this situation in  Greece not only went by without a massive protest from the other EU government members, but most of them actually facilitated this situation,  it is only a matter of time for the population of the rest of the countries to follow the same fate.   

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