Sunday, 20 May 2012

Hit the fan

Two weeks after the general elections in Greece, and I still wonder why and how Greece with a debt of 350 billion Euros is still the center of everybody's attention and blamed for a global economic downfall. It is outrageous!
But let's take things from the top. 2 weeks ago the elections proved that Greeks just won't take any more lies about the "help" provided from EU and IMF as painful austerity measures, that lead straight to depression and Greece into a third world state. The proof that all they have been deciding and voting all this time was without the consent of the Greek people, was the  fact that the two major political parties of the last 35 years got around 30% of the voters, put together, while the leftist parties got more than 35% and the rest anti - memorandum parties that  got into the parliament gathered another 15%, total 50%, against the severe measures!!! If you count the rest parties that got less than 3% and didn't elect any representatives, you reach a staggering 62%!!!!
But still we hear everybody, mainly from the EU and IMF, saying that we have to elect a government that promises to keep on struggling the Greeks with the austerity measures that the memorandums have been forcing on us. 
Amongst others, the laws that were forced upon us:
1.In less than a year the average salary in the private sector is going to be 400-500 Euros and in the public sector 600-700 Euros, while the prices are still as high as in 2000, when salaries were almost double that. The final plan is to make Greece a cheap labour and tourist destination, with salaries no more than 150-200 Euros. That have been said from official lips! Even in Bulgaria or Romania, that such salaries are common, the state of the people and the public services plus the crime rate are worse than ever! They still prefer Greece, to come and work. 
2.The poverty limit is around 6000 Euros, but the tax limit has become 5000 Euros! If you have kids the taxation is even worse! People are selling their property because they can't stand the taxation, but nobody is buying! They can't afford to buy or to pay the taxes that come with them!
3.They cut down salaries, pensions, medical expenses, education etc, while they have raised the taxes (70 new taxes!, 5 instant taxes with retrospective power!) This means that people will be dieing from cold since there are more and more homeless each day. Every day more than 1000 people lose their job and they even have lowered the unemployment benefit. Hey, they are so clever that they tax it, after they've given it! 450 Euros  for a year, and then zip! And they have the nerve to tax it!

During this period, they have passed other laws, that have gone under the radar, since when you are on the look out for your daily meal you pay no attention for anything else.
1.Greek parliament has passed a law that forces every Greek to give away his organs if he is pronounced brain dead! Any doctor would take your organs with no need of any consent, if you are considered brain dead! That is Free will, in the land of democracy!
2.While all statistics point that the life expectancy is not going to be more than 72, and lowering every year, they have raised the working years to 40, with an age limit of 67! I work since I was 17, so it will be 50 years for me, and with no hope for a pension or proper health insurance, although I have been paying more than most of the Europeans for these benefits! (39% of my salary, before taxes!) 
3.They close hospitals, make us pay for the doctors and medicine that we already have been paying through our salary (the 39%)

The problem is that they have been fooling us for some time but they can not fool us all of the time, and this slow death of the economy and the people is the final straw. They blackmail us that we will suffer outside the Euro, but the alternative is to suffer inside the Euro without hope of recovery.

How would you feel if you were told what to do by the people that took destructive decisions for you ?

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