Thursday, 17 May 2012

Please put your self in my shoes. Imagine turning 36, and having a debt that is equal to two years paychecks. You do not have a job, you don't hope to get one, either because it is impossible to find one or because if you do find one, you can't live on such low salaries. I constantly hear that we have to pay what's owed, but the ones that took the money, are not the ones that are asked to pay. All my life I had the rule not to owe money, and suddenly I woke up one day and they tell me that I have to pay for someone else's debt. Then they start the war. Words falling around like bombs. You don't have a future, you should pay the debt, you have to sign a memorandum, you have to pay the interest first and then for your food and medicine, you should have the government I like, you should give away all your rights, you are doing great, you are not doing good.
Put your self in my shoes. Would you feel free, safe, hopeful and creative with all this? Would you tolerate this attitude from anybody? It is not a matter of money. It is a mater of human lives. It is a matter of turns. Our turn and if you tolerate this, your turn, right after.

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