Wednesday, 25 April 2012

100 million Euros for advertisment

Just before the hasty elections of May 6th, the political parties, took 100 million Euros from the people, in order to advertise on TV, on the streets, cover old debts and pay their employees owed salaries, so they can work during the campaigns! At the same time they announce new pay cuts, pension cuts and new taxes. It is a meticulous thing, that no Greek should forget or forgive. They should not forget, that these are the same people that brought us to this messy state and now they promise to get us out, by doing the same old things. This is textbook insanity: doing the same thing and expecting different results. Of course this goes both ways, for the voters as well. They should not forget that not even one of them had the decency to resign from office when the situation got out of hand. Nobody ever thought of asking the people  if they agree with the EU constitution, the EU common monetary system,  the export and import taxes, the countless laws forced by the big countries of the EU and countless other things, to mention. I am pro Europe, but not like this. This is systematical strangulation of the poor and weak. Where is the moral teachings of WW2? Where is the hope we thought the fall of the Berlin wall and the Iron curtain would bring? Where are the wise politicians that we so much need, now? Everybody has studied something but people are not numbers to be simply counted. They have needs, physical and mental. They have stomachs, hearts, minds and souls. All this propaganda focuses on the urgent, that is the stomach (see money) while at the same time neglects all the others. So are we supposed to lay down and die of hunger, simply because the numbers don't add up?
Why should everything be connected with economy and translated in monetary value?
This ruins the planet, cause wars and killes millions of people.

I hope and pray that this will go away. Without bloodshed, without pain.  

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