Monday, 26 March 2012

What Money can buy.

How many people in the world wish to come to Greece each year? 10-20 millions? Surely more than the population of Greece itself. They save money for this big trip, and while they plan it, they picture several things in their minds. Some see it as a trip to some beautiful beaches under the sun, others are looking forward to visit Acropolis, and few, very few are actually feel like coming back home. Home to a place that accepts all homesick people as its citizens. Because it is here some of the biggest myths of all time were born and these myths have been feeding the consciousness of the world for thousands of years. And the biggest myth of all is that of Ulysses. The myth of returning to the place of origin, coming back home.
These people save money to come to Greece and yet, all Greeks will be forced to exile, in order to make some money, just to survive. Why are we driven away from home? With less than 200 years since the Greek revolution in 1821,  that we celebrated yesterday, this home of ours have never been peaceful for more than 30 years. Why?

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