Saturday, 17 March 2012

The story of Greece in the EU, from where I stand

In the late 70ies-early 80ies, Greece entered the European Union, from what I have heard for two reasons: as a favor and out of guilt. In today's logic, that everything has to be calculated and profit made, this sounds irrational, so for those believing in conspiracy theories, a third reason can be added, PROFIT.
Thirty years later, Greece is the first nation in Europe to be forced by the other members to seek funds through IMF.  This is weird, since the EU, had the necessary funds and ways to solve the problem at once without outside help and long  before the spreads for the 10 years bonds skyrocket. Two years later, and they still blame Greece, (actually the people of Greece, not the treacherous politicians that sign almost everything they are served, without reading it first) for not agreeing to the new colony-like treaties they are forcing the government to sign. The debt two years ago was smaller of what we owe now, and now they promised us a haircut, but with conditions so excruciating for the people, that they just can't work! And from what I hear, the same things will be asked, or have already being asked,  from the rest of the countries in trouble, the ones that the  stock market has named PIIGS. (Portugal, Ireland -I added Italy, Greece, Spain). But the media just won't reveal this truth to the people of these countries.

The people of the PIIGS  are not to blame, at least not entirely. At a consumer's world, all western countries consume more and more and the only thing that keeps Germany and France afloat, is the simple fact that they are the biggest countries of Europe, with the biggest industries and ways to force their will and products to the smaller countries. They sold technology, pharmaceuticals and many other products in high prices, while their governments agreed in lending the money to the countries willing to buy, turning the blind eye. Ignoring that these countries can't repay, or depending on this simple truth, in order to buy after a "meltdown" all these countries and  resources, for peanuts!  At the same time they have passed laws that completely ruined the infrastructures of smaller countries, introducing the laws of an international market without limits, thus making all local business too expensive to keep. The same goes for the USA, only the USA has also the military power to enforce their will and the unique currency to play all kinds of tricks with...

Now you may ask, how can some countries that actually regulate the things in the whole world and Europe, allow their banks to buy bonds from that very countries in order to profit and when this doesn't work, try to bail out the banks? I mean the spreads are way too high because there is danger in buying them. If you are willing to take the risk, you should expect to lose. And if you lose you should not force your will through your powerful government, to limit the damages. It sounds weird, isn't it? But let's see a simple fact. While all this lack of immediate actions from the EU skyrocketed the spreads of PIIGS bonds, and the greedy banks made a fortune overnight,  the IMF was called in and a series of treaties were signed. All these treaties, contained conditions that bailed out the banks! So not only did they gain when they could, but they actually received more money to survive during the crisis! It is obvious that banks are the tools to achieve the "new colonization" goals. They enhance the faulty perception of money, people have.

And then we had more conditions on these treaties. Apart from being bad, leading all the countries that signed them (without asking their people) into worse trouble, Greece (that I know of) is forced to receive help only from them. Which is weird because we could ask from other sources (namely the Chinese or the Russians), that were eager to help - invest.  So it is a power play among the countries of the world. The former prime minister Papandreou, that led us to this mess,  was rather USA inclined. Anyway, while we sustained substantial pay cuts, pension cuts, health care cuts and unemployment skyrocketed, with their blessing, they (mainly Germany and France and less USA) still FORCE us to sign new deals to buy WEAPONS, worth more that 4 billion Euros. The interest we have to pay for the loans in 2011 are 6 million Euros. So actually they lend us money to buy their toys. And in case we don't?
Back in the 80ies the EU was and named European monetary union. But with the new EU treaties and the passing of a European constitution which is actually stronger that the constitution of each country, we are more than a monetary union. Or at least that is what they claim. The troubles in Balkans are constant and although Greece is the only stable country in the region, with the added bonus of being an older EU member with the EURO, they never backed it up, forcing it to buy weapons and other things in form of PROTECTION. Why don't they end once and for all the problem with Greece's neighbors?  Maybe because they sell GUNS and technology to them as well, and also because they are a bigger market than Greece? It is a fact, that if you are a small nation, with enemies all around, you are bound to be the victim of a constant blackmail. Greece owes 370 Billion Euros, Italy 1,9 Trillion Euros and the USA 15 Trillion Dollars. Do the math, find what each citizen of these countries owe,  and you will understand that Greece, being the smallest of all,  is just the test lab for the new type of economical colonization, that if it works will be forced to the rest of the world.

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