Wednesday, 14 March 2012

Lies lies lies

In 2007, outside my door, a space ship landed. In 2008, I found out that the Holy Grail is hidden in my basement. In 2009, Greece’s debt nearly brought down the world stock market.
Now, tell me which one of the above sentences is correct. For those hasty enough to say the second one, let me tell you that the building in which I live, has no basement.   For the rest that linger between choices A and C, I must say that it is in fact a trick question and all the above sentences are lies.
I start this blog, for many reasons, but with just one purpose: to scatter the lies that are heard through the “official” media in Greece and most importantly abroad. Because the biggest damage these media are doing, is changing the fine opinion people have abroad about Greece and Greeks.
First of all let’s start with some facts. Greece’s debt, in form of government bonds, was in 2009 around 340 billion Euros. Now, after the PSI “haircut”, that it was supposed to help Greece, the debt is 370 billion Euros!
 What’s worse, the infrastructure that would help the country produce again in order to pay back the money owed, has been destroyed with countless new laws, that were impossible to work even in healthy economies. More over, lay offs of hundreds of thousands of workers and new taxes that have devoured all the little savings people had for the hard times, deepens the depression.
At the same time, in order to save money, the health system is “reorganizing”, meaning that fewer people will be able to have health care because fewer will be able to afford it! 
Education sector is facing a new budget cut, while Greece was already at the bottom of the list for the countries with minimum funds for education.
As if that is not enough the EU and IMF officials, force the Greek government (which in fact is not much of a government anyway) to sell the Electric company and the Water company, two profitable public companies, that offer to the people relatively cheap products, that are absolutely necessary to the people. Of course, since Greece is an easy target now, and is forced to sell, the price it can fetch for these companies is extraordinary small, while at the same time, the prices for electricity and water will surely go up, double or triple if a private company gets them. And already, many citizens in Greece are having trouble paying the electricity bill!

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