Tuesday, 26 February 2013

Visiting Athens, Greece

This is Acropolis. In front of it you can see the theater built by Herodis of Attika, called Herodio. It is one of the finest theaters in the world.  And on the right in the distance you can see Lycabetus hill, a lovely green hill with stoney summits. The highest one has a small chappel, dedicated to Agios Georgios, while just beneath the other summit you can find one of the most beautiful modern open theaters. This photo is taken from a third hill, very close to Acropolis, called Philopapou hill. It is paved by one of the best Greek artist, Pikionis and on top of the hill you will find Philopapou monument. If you keep on walking to the direction of the sea, you will find yet another theater, the one of Dora Stratou. 
 This scenery is a part of Athens, perhaps the one that most tourists come to see. It is beautiful. And regardless of what you listen on your TV sets, the rest of Athens and Greece is quite peaceful, as well. Despite the economic crisis and the 1.5 million unemployed ( that are not visible in this photo and as a matter of fact it is hard to spot them while you are visiting) Greece is one of the safest places in the world.
In two days, the first day of spring arrives. I was wondering how many springs and summers, winters and autumns we are going to lose, unable to enjoy this scenery that we have, because of the so called crisis. I was wondering why and I just figured out why the 20th century had two World Wars and countless others. And I realized that a new war has started.
Oh, believe me I don't like stereotypes, but I can tell you this: brain wash is not a new thing, but it has never being used with so many casualties. You don't have to kill people. You just deprive them of their time. You ultimately take away their life.  

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