Wednesday, 6 March 2013

A reply to "The Economist"

A reply to "The Economist"

Electing Grillo is not about a sense of humour. It is one of the few ways left to people to cast a valid vote, if not one expressing them completely, at least a desperate vote that yells CHANGE. Change from the way the economic forces try to shape the world and the consciousness  of the people, with propaganda. It is a different perspective of the world, where the center is the human being and not numbers; against greed in disguise.  And anyway humour can be vitriolic and burn the gangrene of the old political thinking and pure economical decisions that has led the world to its current state. We certainly have to look for the real reasons for this recession, in order to resolve the problem, instead of forcing people with the same failing measures that have initiated the Second World War.
If the REALITY,  people are trying to avoid,  is the reality of debt, the reality of money as the only value, the reality of wealth and control through suffering, the reality presented through the mainstream Media that is actually the reality of their rich owners or patrons, then they have every right to do it. And since it is about the future generations as well, that can't fight yet for their rights, it is an obligation.
In Italy a quarter of the electorate didn't show up to vote! What a surprise! In Greece as well! But this is not because they don't care, but because they either don't know where to cast their vote, since nobody represents their ideas, beliefs, hopes, view of life, or they believe that a massive abstinence will at least send some kind of signal to the political world or make the politicians aware that they are elected from the "majority of the minority" and therefore should be careful of the real majority.
I am not going to speak for any of the candidates. I have very limited knowledge of their exact doings. But the way Berlusconi and Grillo are presented is scandalous. While Monti gets an almost standing ovation for following a path that haven't resolved any problems, only sent them a bit further into the future.

The election results are not a disaster for Italy. The same was written for the May 2012 Greek elections. Unfortunately the spreading of fear amongst Greeks led to a dishearting June result, which actually was no change at all, with the previous administration.  So, how can a reporter say such thing right from the start? It is like you have accepted only one way as a solution (IMF, EU, ECB solutions), that by the way, has not worked for any country. But this also means that you won't allow for any other solution to evolve and put to use! And then the mention of the markets that "reacted" to this! It is outrageous! This is where the mistake of the whole system is. The stock market! And if you think that I have no grasp with reality, well, see were the stock market reality has led the whole world! Do you think that playing in the stock market is a productive job? Do you think that arguing for the price of oil and rice the world gets better? No some people get richer without lifting a finger, while hard working people in another part of the world suffer the consequences.

A reform! A real reform is, going back to the only true value, as revealed after the WWII,  that of the human life. Not as merely an existence, but as  meaningful dignified beings, with rights and obligations. With unlimited free access to education, health and medicine, technology and communication, time and means to raise a family or create something useful and beautiful, and in return offer this accumulated  knowledge and services, to the world. That will eventually make money a tool again, the exact purpose they were created,  and not a value.
And then you throw in the numbers about zero growth! Well if you have grown so big, why grow more! You call France's electing a socialist president a "run away from change". Well, to tell you the truth,  I doubt that he will go into radical changes to the way you imply, so don't worry! Anyway, if he doesn't change the economical way of thinking imposed on our lives and turning us into numbers and simple "consumers", he is bound to fail.
There are no special design plans for the countries. It is just austerity measures. Do you think that AAAs would let any other country get better, if this means a competitor in exports, technology or any other field? Fat chance.
And then the Japan example tops it all! What kind of analyst fails to take into account the changes in the world, from the fall of USSR to the China and India "miracle" of low salaries, heavy industry without a care about the environment and vast exports, at all costs? How can any country in the western world  compete and prevail with such competition? With austerity? And who will consume these products, no matter how cheap, if there are no money in the market whatsoever? Even those few with triple AAAs and relatively healthy economies that are now feasting like vultures from colonial times, creating crises, inventing solutions and buying out at the low prices they have determined, after these solutions fail, will face the same economical  and social problems, in the near future.
The solution is somewhere else and not in dealing with numbers. The longer we believe this is an economical problem, the deeper this problem will get. And the deeper it gets, less people will be able to identify the problem due to the lack of education, time and means. In the end people will be so lost, that they will end up hitting everybody around them, without ever touching the heart of the problem. And if this sounds like a new war, you are correct. Truth is, it has already started and one of the great battles is this one with the Media.       

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