Tuesday, 11 June 2013

Dictatorship in Greece-Closing down the Public TV & Radio-Darkness over Greece

If you don't dare fire them, shut down the business altogether. Today, the Greek governmental representative announced the closure of ERT, the Public broadcasting system of Greece. Effective immediately 2700 people were fired and it was announced that from tomorrow ERT TV and radio stations will stop transmitting. At the same time all personnel will not be allowed at the premises. This is one of the most dictatorial decisions this government has taken, in an illegal way, not voted by the parliament! I guess this was the only way to please the IMF/ECB/EU that has ordered 2000 people from the public sector being laid off before the end of June. Now the information and news will be "transmitted" only through the remaining private TV and radio stations, which by the way most (if not all) are illegal, with no permits and owing large sums of money to the government.

22:54 and all the stations stop transmitting.

By the way the rest of the  private channels do not think this is a big thing, a solid reportage and everyone continues its regular program as if nothing is going on!  Their reporters thought it  best to go on a "support"strike instead of broadcasting the massive congregations of protestors.

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  1. καλημέρα! βλέπω αξιόλογο μπλογκ, όμως μόνο η τελευταία ανάρτηση και στα ελληνικά... εγώ που δεν ξέρω αγγλικά (παρά ελάχιστα) πώς θα το διαβάσω; :)