Monday, 9 September 2013

Standards of living

I came across this:

Even though it is, basically, statistics that I don't like, mostly because they present results that can be easily explained one way or the other, this is interesting because the whole subject is the standards of living. I have noticed some peculiar results, but they all depend on the factors they use to extract the numbers. Just keep in mind that since the wealthiest people in the world reside in certain countries, how they "change" the real outcome. I remind you that many big countries "paid" in people lives the reforms and their growth (Argentina, Russia etc.) while some other countries due to cultural and historical reasons, accept some things without much protest for changes (India, China etc.)
Anyway, it is statistics, take a look because it is very indicative what is going on and what will happen next to some other nation  if there is no response from all the people of the world.

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